If you've been looking to take a cruise why not cruise in style. Australian mining tycoon Clive Palmer is ready to build the Titanic 2. It should be ready to set sail in the latter part of 2016. Are you willing to set foot on a ship that’s being built to look exactly like Titanic, and sail the exact same six-day, ill-fated route from Southampton to New York, which killed around 1,502 lives. You can book your reservation today, or just win tickets in a poker game before they set sail. Book your tickets here!

According to Market Watch, Titanic 2 will take you back to the days of 1912.

Titanic II is clearly aiming to copy the original down to a tee. But navigation-wise, the ship will be completely modern, with air conditioning, a hospital and a helipad among other modern touches. Oh and plenty of lifeboats and lifejackets. Deltamarin is the Finnish company that’s designing the ship and Markku Kanerva, the sales director, was quoted as saying it will be “absolutely the most safe cruise ship in the world when it is launched.”

Passengers can choose first-, second- and third-class tickets and can even dress up in period clothing provided by the shipliner, which will be operated by his cruise company, Blue Star Line. But like the original, passengers apparently won’t be intermingling, just like the original. It will have capacity for 2,435 passengers and 900 crew. The original shipliner had about 2,229 on board, of whom 713 survived.

Would you sail on this? Count me out! Not because I'm afraid it will sink, but because of a crazy internet ban. According to some media reports, Palmer has said he’d like to avoid Internet and TV on his ship. Of course, no final decision has been made on that Internet ban.

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