You may have missed a food recall earlier in August, so we’re reminding you...on National Trail Mix Day, which is celebrated annually on August 31.

Price Chopper/Market 32 issued a recall on its proprietary PICS brand of trail mix—the stuff that many of us give to our kids, or take camping or hiking in the Adirondacks, or just plain eat as a healthy snack. Here’s part of the announcement on the Price Chopper website:

We are recalling 12 ounce 6 pack PICS Southwest Trail Mix with UPC 41735 04102. This product is being recalled because the ingredients listed on the package are for a different product and are, therefore, incorrect.

The company has suspended refunds during the pandemic, but Price Chopper also says they’ll be happy to refund money from a purchase of this item when they resume their refund policy.

For more information, call 732-650-9905, or contact Price Chopper/Market 32 at 800-666-7667 or

Here's the history of trail mix, according Apparently two California surfers created trail mix back in 1968, but the website also says there was a reference to the snack in Jack Kerouac’s 1958 beatnik novel Dharma Bums.

What type of trail mix do you prefer? Do you pick any individual items out of your favorite trail mix before you consume it?

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