Three grinches stole Christmas right off the lawn of a home in Central New York.

Jen Peters woke up and noticed her decorations were missing off her front lawn in Oneida. "I looked outside while making breakfast and realized most of our decorations were gone."

Luckily, the Peters have security cameras that caught the culprits. "We checked the ring video and saw the three teens laughing, destroying, and running off with our decorations," said Peters. "They came and took the first side of decorations and came back for more."

The kids ran off with a custom-made pallet tree that they broke the lights on in their attempt to run, a metal snowman, and the kid's blowups. "There was a penguin, a Christmas tree, a gingerbread man, that they tore and can't be repaired, and Snoopy which my son has had as long as he can remember."

Thanks to Oneida police, the Christmas decorations were found thrown in a pile behind the fence in Vets Park. "We repaired what we could and asked the kids what they wanted to put back out," said Peters. "My son refused to put Snoopy back out because he is worried they will be back. We don't want the Grinches/bullies to win, but we also wanted to make sure the kids felt comfortable with putting their decorations back out."

Credit - Jen Peters
Credit - Jen Peters

The Peters home wasn't the only one hit by the Christmas Grinches. Pumpkins were smashed on Williams Street, decorations ruined or missing on Sayles and Lake Streets. "They had a blow-up decoration laughing their butts off running down Lake Street," said Cindy O'Toole.

Oneida Police are continuing to look for the little grinches. "They let us know they are working on some leads," said Peters who is thankful to have the decorations back but is angry three disrespectful could ruin the holidays for her children. "It is a Christmas tradition that has definitely been tarnished because of some despicable, foul youth who have no respect or morals."

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