You know when you find a life hack that works and works well and you just want to tell everyone to spread the word?

This one is gold that we found. Usually, when you use plastic containers (if you can even find the matching top to each container) they get super dirty and they're a pain in the butt to clean. You could put them in the dishwasher but there are sometimes two issues with that:

1.) They take up so much room in the dishwasher especially, if you have big containers they can take up an entire rack in your washer.
2.) The washer will not get all of the gunk that is caked on the inside in the corners.

There has been this container challenge/hack that has been going around social media. Here is the hack that will change your plastic container life:

  • Get your dirty container to the sink
  • 2 to 3 squirts of dish soap inside
  • fill it up three quarters full with hot or warm water
  • Here is the most important part--take two pieces of paper towel and rip it up into strips.
  • Put the lid on
  • For 45 seconds aggressively shake the container
  • Wal-ah

You can thank us later for saving your dishwasher so stress. Or even save you some money...we know you probably just throw those out when it's just too much work to clean.

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