What happened in Cooperstown, New York last week wasn't just an inspiring story, it was the continuation of an inspiring life journey.

Tommy Morrissey was born without most of his right arm. That didn't stop him from loving sports as a young kid, and that hasn't stopped him from growing into a really talented athlete.

His perseverance and commitment has led him to opportunities interacting with some of the world's greatest athletes, and he's become an inspiration to countless kids who are going through life with similar challenges.

This past week, Tommy's talents went viral.

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11-Year Old Tommy Morrissey Goes Viral For Performance in Upstate NY

Morrissey and his team were playing a game in Cooperstown, New York last week, when he stepped up to the plate. A video camera stationed behind home plate captured the rest:

What a bomb! Not only that, but he was able to go with an outside pitch, and take it the other way over the fence for his first home run. Now, I say *first* home run, because Morrissey wasn't done just yet.

That, right there, is a no-doubt home run. Morrissey knew it as soon as it left the bat, as did the rest of the players on the field.

So, as you'll notice, these videos only have a few hundred views combined, as they were posted on Tommy's individual YouTube channel. That's because the videos soon hit social media, and that's where the name "Tommy Morrissey" began to go viral.

In addition to his time playing baseball, Tommy is also an avid golfer, and his social media profiles are named accordingly, @onearmgolfer. He's done a number of incredible things in the game of golf, as well.

This time around, it was one of America's greatest baseball towns, and an Upstate New York staple, that was lucky enough to serve as the backdrop for another one of Tommy's memorable moments in sports.

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