Think you could get along with your significant other in a tiny house? Here's your chance to test that theory in this great vacation spot, just 3 hours from Utica.

If you've ever watched one of the tiny house shows on television and thought "I could totally live there," but maybe want to give it a try before you get rid of 90% of your worldly possessions - this is the perfect AirBnB for you. It doesn't hurt that this tiny house is snuggled between Lake Placid and Saranac Lake.

I'll admit, when I see a tiny house, I think...maybe. It seems like such a simple - if spartan - way to live.


This tiny house is just 230 sq. ft. with 96 sq. ft. in the sleeping loft. It's so little, the owners actually call it a 'Micro House' - and it's the only one in the Adirondacks. They say it's a little like living in a clubhouse from when you were a kid.

As for amenities, well, there is a BBQ and a fire pit. There is outdoor seating for lounging and dining. It comes equipped with WiFi, a kitchen, and indoor fireplace, and other essentials like a hairdryer and a place to use a laptop. If you want them to provide bedding and towels, there's an upcharge.

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The decor and the setting are so fantastic, it's hard to imagine that you couldn't live in a place like this...but where do you put all your shoes, and stuff?

Maybe tiny house living isn't for me, or maybe it is - the only way to know for sure is to try it out at this incredible rental in upstate New York. You can book your stay on

Tiny House AirBnB


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