While there is still snow on the ground and it's still really cold we're looking at a few days of warm weather and here is a short list of things to can do to help your car. A Clean car runs better anyway, at least for a few hours or until you drive it again.

  • Put on some old clothes and wash the underbody of your car you will get dirty and wet doing this one. So much salt gets poured on the roads to melt the snow during the winter months and it does hurt your car in the long run. Scrub the bottom and get rid of the grime sand and salt that cause all that trouble later in the year.
  • Now that you have spent several hours cleaning the bottom of your car it's time to move to the inside and do the same for the interior and exterior of your car. Don't forget to finish off detailing with a good coat of armor all, on all the surfaces. Wipe down your leather seats if you have them with a good leather cleaner.
  • This is one that you will thank yourself for when the spring rains hit. Put on new wiper blades.
  • Double check and adjust the pressure in all 4 tires. An easy way to add additional life to your current tires.
  • Top off all the fluids in your car if needed and one more time spray wash and spray wax at the local do it yourself car wash.
  • Make a note to your self to change out your snow tires after the end of March

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