We all know there are some topics that are not for conversation at Thanksgiving dinner tables. Here are a few.

Unless you are ready for a knock down drag out sort of dinner and a food fight stay away from politics, religion, and money. Any or all, no matter how much you all agree, there will be someone that will not only be offended but will walk out.

Unless your family is not like any other on the face of the planet, there will be few skeletons in the closet, so to speak. It would be wise to let sleeping dogs lie unless you're really ready for a good donnybrook.

I know you are at your relatives and the turkey taste like it came straight from National Lampoons Christmas vacation with the Griswalds, but this is another time you just grin and bear it as they say.

Depending on the size of your family there is always someone that will be out of work and pounding the pavement. Another case of let's not belittle Uncle Fred for not being gainfully employed. I'd bet he has beaten himself more than all of the family put together.

That's just a few topics and I'm sure that you can think of several more than I have if you think about it.

Oh, what the heck, enjoy dinner and duck when the food fight starts. Happy Thanksgiving.





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