We all expereince thermostat wars in the house or workplace, so ever wondered what the official advice is about proper settings? If you go look at your thermostat right now, I'm guessing that it's set somewhere near the low 70's for your Central Air in the summer, right? But, the powers that be say that's WAY too low.

Their recommended setting? 78!!! They even say that you should set it in the low-mid eighties while away or sleeping too. The reason? Saving on energy bills, apparently. For every degree that you lower the temperarture, it is supposed to raise your energy bill by 3%. So I guess my energy bills are some 20% higher than they should be?? Nah. If we follow their advice, why even have the thermostat on at all? Most summer days are high seventies to low eighties anyway...

So, here's my 41-year real-life study results: Any good, self-respecting person knows that the thermostat should be 72 in the summer and 68 in the winter. Regardless of the cost. It's about comfort and comfort always has a price which most of us are willing to pay. If we weren't about convenience, we wouldn't pay for bottled water. End of story.

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