Everybody loves wine slushies. So much that some people actually go to the Great New York State Fair JUST for the wine slushies.

Did you know that Thousand Islands Winery actually makes wine slushies in a bottle that you can take home and enjoy?

You'll find 'New York Wine Slushy' in two flavors at around 280 liquor stores and wine stores across New York State.

Thousand Islands Winery has been selling them for about two years, and they're simple to put together at home.

"Simply pour the ready-to-use mix into a plastic container and place in the freezer for 3-5 hours. Stir occasionally during freezing."

The slushies come in two flavors, Berry's Bay Blaster and Tropical Island Twist, and sell for about $14.

In addition to liquor stores across NY, you can also order them online at ThousandIslandsWinery.com.


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