A new Mitsuba restaurant is open in Consumer Square, New Hartford. If you were expecting a restaurant that's just like the Mitsuba in The Orchard, you're going to be really surprised.

The Mitsuba restaurant in The Orchard (can we agree to call it the old Mitsuba?) is a primarily a sushi restaurant, although they do serve other tempura, and bento box meals. It's a great spot to visit before the movies (remember when we had movies? Good times.) or after some shopping.

Credit: TSM

Mitsuba has always been one of our favorite places to eat, so when the 'new' Mitsuba opened in Consumer Square, we expected another sushi restaurant. We were wrong. The new place is nothing like the old place.

We also assumed that the new place meant the closure of the old place, but at the moment, both are slated to remain open. (I'm not sure why you don't give one of them a different name...but not my call.)

Credit: TSM

The new Mitsuba is a brightly-lit, casual eatery specializing in Poke bowls, ramen, and bubble tea. It's definitely got more of a quick-dining vibe than the old Mitsuba.

And, in the best news we've heard in a while - they've got sushi burritos.

Basically, you walk in, fill out a slip selecting all the options for your poke bowl, or burrito, you pay, they prepare - and voila - food. You do have the option of dining in, but we took ours to go.

Credit: TSM

The food was really tasty, though it felt they hadn't entirely worked out topping ratios yet (I had a LOT of edamame in mine). I would definitely go back and absolutely plan to try the sushi burrito.

In other sushi news, both Red Samurai and Sumo have reopened to indoor dining recently.


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