Trick or treating isn't the only thing that'll look a little different this year. A lawn in Syracuse, that has a Halloween display hundreds come from miles around to see every year is no more.

Stan Munro and Suzi Campanaro’s lawn on Sandra Drive has been transformed every October for the past 15 years. This October, their lawn is still decorated, although scaled down, but it's in Rochester. The couple moved for health reasons and to be closer to family.

The couple wishes everyone a Happy Halloween from the ‘skeletal crew’ at their new home in Victor. "It’s not Sandra Drive but it’ll have to do with HOA restrictions," said Campanaro.

Photo Credit - Suzi Campanaro

This isn't the first time they've had to scale things down to the bare bones. In 2018, Suzi needed heart surgery after her kidney transplant failed. But Stan still found time to put up a Halloween display.

Photo Credit: Suzi Companaro
Photo Credit: Suzi Companaro

Last year, a 24 foot Dracula Castle opened it's gates to trick or treaters.

Photo Credit - Stan Munro

It even had Polly and Keith Urban tombstones.


Then there was the year of the Dragon Skelton.

Photo by Stan Munro

One Halloween Darth Vadar crashed on the lawn and needed to refuel his Imperial Tie Fighter.

Photo by Toothpick World

The Walking Dead invaded in 2017.

In 2016 a giant pirate ship capsized on the lawn.

It's sad to see a 15 year tradition come to an end but nothing lasts forever.

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