The concept of a ghost town is so fascinating. It's a town that's abandoned and less behind for Father Time to take over and create something that mystifies those who stumble upon it.

When someone pictures a ghost town they probably think of an old western town with saloons and things of that nature, but here in New York, they're far more creepier than that.

The creepiest ghost town in New York has not only been abandoned, it's been abandoned twice. The town is Tawahus and it's located is upstate New York, near Newcomb. It's in Essex County.

What separates Tawahus from other ghost towns is the fact that many of the buildings and structures in the town still exist today. The Town of Tawahus used to be a big mining town hidden away in the Adirondacks and hard-working people made an honest living.

Many of the buildings in Tawahus can still be seen by people but it's a safety hazard to go roaming around inside the abandoned buildings and structures that make up the now ghost town. It was in the early-to-mid 1900s that Tawahus was more booming with its mining foundation.

There's one main road that leads into the town but that road isn't used past a certain point.

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I'm so fascinated by the feel of abandoned towns and Tawahus just might be the most famous ghost town in all of New York State. It's a rare example of a ghost town still having buildings and structures up to remind people that this was once a town that was busy with residents and an economy.

The photos of this town are eerie to say the least. Even tales of a man who was once running the town's mining company and was eventually murdered by one of his workers. The legend is his ghost still haunts the abandoned town, even riding a horse into Tawahus.

There are actually quite a few ghost towns in New York State and quite a few of them are in the upstate region, with a few in the central and western portion of the state; including Irish Town, which featured a group of Irish settlers who went west in the early 19002s after residing in the town in the 1800s. It's located in Allegany State Park in Cattaraugus County. It might be the most most overlooked ghost town in New York State and now has just building foundations deep with Allegany State Park.

Has anyone ever been to a ghost town?

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