Rhino's are endangered all over the world.  But the Buffalo Zoo is hoping to add another one to the world soon!

It's been exciting to see new animals coming to the zoo over the last couple years, not just from being transferred from other zoos, but because they're being born there.  We've had baby polar bears, baby lions, a baby rhino, and they're expecting another one!

The proud mom has really made a name for herself worldwide.  Her name is Tashi and she's done something that no other rhino momma can say they've done.  She became the first rhino to give birth to a calf after artificial insemination.  She was 17 years old when that baby came along.  The baby's name was Monica.

Then just a couple years ago she gave birth again. This time to a boy that they named Mohan.  Remember that?  It was quite the big deal.

She had also given birth to two other rhino babies that were then sent to other zoos across the country prior to Monica's birth.

Tashi is now 24 years old and she's pregnant again.  This will be her 5th birth!


My good buddy George is the dad this time around.  I was able to meet George a couple years ago back in 2016.  Ever since this moment, I have had a soft spot in my heart for rhinos.  As I mentioned before, they are endangered and we are seeing fewer and fewer in the world.  You can see George, Tashi, and Monica in this video...


It says that George will be moving to a new location as they make room for the new baby...but it doesn't say where.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he will still be here in Buffalo.

But for now we will wait anxiously for a new baby rhino at the Buffalo Zoo!


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