The iconic Buffalo Head Steakhouse in Forestport has finally re-opened, and they're not wasting any time distinguishing themselves with some unique drinks.

If you like a good Bloody Mary, wait until you try the 'Bloody Bison'. The drink features so many garnishes, it's practically a meal.

In a review on the Utica Restaurant Review Facebook page, Mike Amante described his experience with the cocktail: "While I was (at the Buffalo Head) I saw a large container of vodka being infused with peppers behind the bar and asked what it was for. As I suspected, it is used to craft the “Bloody Bison” as the bar manager Courtney told me they call it. It was as epic as it looks! The amount of garnishes on this bad boy and the time she took to create this beast were well worth the $12 cost! If you like Bloody Marys & great food, get up there, you will be impressed!"

Credit: Mike Amante
Credit: Mike Amante

Aside from the pepper-infused vodka, the 'Bloody Bison' is garnished with bacon, pepperocini, cheese, ham, pickles, shrimp, olives, and, of course, celery. There's even a slice of lemon and lime."

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Do you think you can handle the 'Bloody Bison'? If you're up for it, head up to Foresport's Buffalo Head and enjoy.

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