Some may say Central New York is blessed with great pizza, others may have a quite different opinion. One thing is for sure, if you get pizza from any of these, you'll be very happy.

Where would you look for a good suggestion on pizza? Yelp is a great option, some places benefit from great reviews but some even better places might not have any. How about this, back 50 years ago how did you know a place to get food was good? Word of mouth. That is exactly how we figured out the best place for a good piece of pizza in Syracuse.

There is a group on Facebook called Where Syracuse Eats Uncensored and one of their members had put up a question trying to find the absolute best spot for a pizza. Over 130 comments later and an overwhelming result came. That place would be Paladino's. Most people who chimed in said the Mattydale location was the one they meant. On Google, both locations have a high rating, so it seems you can't go wrong if you pick any of their locations. They have the Mattydale one and also one in Cicero.

One commenter had said it has a nice crunchy but chewy crust, but also amazing sauce. They also mentioned that the wing sauce was great too. Wings are another important thing about a pizza place, not all places do it well. It sure sounds like that isn't a thing for Paladino's

So where are the other four you can't go wrong getting? Keep scrolling.

The 5 Best Places For Pizza Syracuse Has To Offer

Some say even bad pizza is good pizza. That statement could be true, but it says nothing about great pizza. All five of these places are truly great!

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