Thanks to all who participated in our 'Best Bartender' poll, and congratulations to the top 5 bartenders nominated. The community was not only talking about the bartenders, but also the establishments they represent. 

Here's how we came to our results for the best bartender in Utica. We started by asking for nominations and received more than 2400. We then calculated the number of times each bartender was nominated and came up with our top 5.

The top five are already very successful and popular in our area as they each received hundreds and hundreds for nominations.

After coming up with the top five, we cleared the slate starting at zero for the bartenders. Voting began at 12 noon on Monday, December 5 and continued through 8 am Friday, December 9.

We added restrictions during the voting so each person could only vote once per IP address. Please keep in mind as a bartender was receiving votes the percentage was constantly changing up or down depending on the voting activity for the other bartenders.

We can assure you multiple votes were not accepted and after more than 1,600 votes, the winner is:

Allison Ganey from Ocean Blue

Cindy McMullem/TSM
Cindy McMullen/TSM

Thanks for participating.

Any ideas on what we should vote for next? Leave you thoughts and suggestions in the comments below.

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