The town of Vernon has denied the application to hold the Woodstock 50 festival at Vernon Downs.

Woodstock promoters blame “political forces” for the permit denial, and vow to appeal as they're still hoping to hold the troubled festival at Vernon Downs August 16th through the 18th. reports that the application for a temporary event permit was filed too late, as policy states it needs to be submitted at least 120 days in advance, and it was “dramatically incomplete."

Residents had a chance to voice their concerns about the event, and their top issues included noise, property damage, traffic issues, first responders responding to emergencies and more.

Oneida County Sheriff Rob Maciol told WKTV that Woodstock 50 should not take place this year, but instead August 2020.

“No matter how good the plan looks on paper, to implement this plan in 39 days, is impossible to ensure the safety of the public.”

County Executive, Anthony J. Picente, Jr. told WIBX:

We have been asked to prepare in just days what has failed to get done in over a year of negotiations and preparations at the previous location... with such a short timeframe, the logistical hurdles to ensure the public health and safety of the concert goers and the surrounding community could pose a significant challenge.

Woodstock or Vernon Downs can file an appeal with the town planning board within five days to fight the denied application. Vernon Downs is one of several sites in the running the host Woodstock 50 August 16th to the 18th.

Will the show go on?

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