The 'Taken' films have been both a blessing and a curse for star Liam Neeson. Sure, he's found great success in his newfound career as an aging action hero, but the days of Neeson being a completely respectable presence in prestige films seem to have come to an end. So the 'Taken 3' trailer fills us with mixed feelings. We'd love to see Neeson doing something else, but man, he sure is good at killing people.

Despite the title, the third (and final?) film in the 'Taken' series doesn't feature any taking. No one gets tooken! Instead, the plot follows Neeson's Bryan Mills as he's framed for his wife's murder, forcing him to go on the run while every criminal and legal organization on Earth attempts to hunt him down. The trailer hints that all of this is a revenge plot from the handful of Europeans that Neeson did not kill in the past two films, which makes sense (?).

There's nothing out of the ordinary in this trailer. There's lots of tough talk, concerned phone calls, wild action and characters threatening each other. In other words, it looks like just another 'Taken' movie. And that's okay if it means we get another film like 'Taken.' The only problem is that this is from the same director as 'Taken 2' and that could be a problem.

Here's the official synopsis:

Liam Neeson returns as ex-covert operative Bryan Mills, whose reconciliation with his ex-wife is tragically cut short when she is brutally murdered. Consumed with rage, and framed for the crime, he goes on the run to evade the relentless pursuit of the CIA, FBI and the police. For one last time, Mills must use his “particular set of skills,” to track down the real killers, exact his unique brand of justice, and protect the only thing that matters to him now – his daughter.

'Taken 3' will crack skulls and snap necks at a theater near you on January 9, 2015.

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