It doesn't have to be Christmastime to take a trip to a winter wonderland!

A popular hiking spot in Tupper Lake is getting some love on TikTok after a user shared footage from her snowy adventure.

@amorraytravels posted this TikTok earlier this week, asking her followers to guess where in New York she was. After hiking an elevation change of over 700 feet, she came upon a fire tower that provides stunning views of the surrounding mountains and lakes when there isn't fog.

TikTok users tried to guess the hike's location before @amorraytravels revealed it was Mount Arab in Tupper Lake, a hiking spot that's equally as beautiful in any season!

I mean, check out this amazing fall foliage captured by Instagram user @marissawearsanoutfit in October.

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Mount Arab is a fantastic and scenic one-mile hike any time of year, but if you're planning on making a trip during the winter, make sure to use caution. The mountain offers opportunities for snowshoeing and according to Tupper Lake's website, the short trail is perfect for beginners. While cross-country skiing is not recommended at Mount Arab, it can be done.

If you plan on climbing the fire tower stairs during the winter months, use caution and remove spikes and snowshoes.

According to Tupper Lake's website, the observation station at Mount Arab was established in 1912 and the steel fire tower was subsequently built in 1918, originally as part of a large network of active fire tower observation stations. The fire tower on Mount Arab is now only one of two towers in Saint Lawrence County, neither of which are used for forest fire detection anymore.

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