It's fun to look at 7th inning stretch songs at Major League Baseball parks. While most often, the sing-along song is "Take Me Out To The Ballgame", many teams have their own song. You'll never guess what the Baltimore Orioles fans sing along with during their stretch (unless you've been to Camden Yards). Check this out.

At Camden Yards, the 7th inning stretch rally song is John Denver's, "Thank God I'm A Country Boy. Why that song? Here's the reason according to "The Baltimore Sun":

"Since the first time he danced and sang "Country Boy" atop the Orioles dugout during Game 1 of the 1983 World Series at Memorial Stadium, Orioles fans have felt affection for the 53-year-old pop singer.

Denver first recorded "Country Boy" in 1975. The Orioles soon began playing it over the sound system at Memorial Stadium, although back then no one envisioned the enormous appeal the song would have for O's fans.

"The whole thing started just by accident," said Bob Brown, the Orioles PR director from 1968-1989. "Frank Cashen [then the O's general manager] said, 'I'm tired of all this old-timers music, with the organs. Let's play something a little more current, try to get the kids interested.'

"We experimented with a lot of seventh-inning stretch songs. When we got a [strong] fan reaction from 'Country Boy,' we tried it again and again. And every time, we got the same reaction."

Watch how they do it:

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