the hobbit

See The Hobbit Today!
The rest of the general public will get their first opportunity to see the final installment of the Hobbit Trilogy tomorrow night and plenty of us are boning up on the previous two (or five) movies in order to get in the spirit
Peter Jackson April Fools
During a sneak peak of the second movie in the Hobbit Trilogy called 'The Desolation of Smaug', Peter Jackson pulls open a desk drawer to pull out some artwork to show the audience from the new movie and as he does so, a script labeled 'Star Wars XIII' with his name on it falls d…
Oxford Graduate Lives ‘Hobbit’ Lifestyle in Wales
58-year-old Oxford Graduate Emma Orbach decided 13 years ago to shun society and live in a mudhut she built herself and named 'Tir Ysbrydol' or "Spirit Land" in Welsh. Emma keeps absolutely no technology or electricity in her home; even when her children visit, they are b…

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