Robot vs Cats [VIDEO]
In the not too distant future, there will be an epic showdown between creatures - one manmade and the others - friends of man.
Rock, Paper, Scissors Robot Always Wins
The game I used to play with my brother whenever I wanted to swindle him out of something that he had that I wanted.  A game used to make decisions and it's almost as popular as flipping a coin.  Take a look at this video and tell me how this is done...
Amazing Robot Gymnast Nails High Bar Routine [VIDEO]
The Olympic Committee may not have any plans to allow robots into the 2012 Summer Games as of yet. But if they have a change of heart, we know at least one robot who will be prepared. Robot NO.8 Kovacs is a small Japanese robot who has the type of skills on the high bar that even the best gymnasts would envy. While he does need a little help getting onto the bar, once he’s up there, his moves can’
Robots Replace Human Waiters And Waitresses
The next time you go out to eat R2D2 could be your waiter. Well robot waiters and waitresses may still be a few years away in America they are already being used in China. The Dalu Robot Restaurant in northern China has 6 robot waitresses and can cater up 100 dinners...
Robotic Panhandling
Want to do some panhandling to make a few extra bucks, but don't have the time with your busy schedule? Well, don't fret because it turns out their is a modern day solution to this problem in the form of "Dona" the panhandling robot.