Crystal Pepsi Has Returned to Stores in Central New York
Remember Crystal Pepsi from The 1990s? Well, it has made its way back on to store shelves in Central New York, but will only be around for a limited time. We had people around the office give it a try. Many people reacted the same, thinking it was Sprite, or watered down 7-Up. No doubt the color of …
Pepsi Perfect
Back to the Future fans get ready to quench your thirst. In honor of Marty McFly's trip to October of 2015 from the movie Back To The Future II, Pepsi is releasing a limited number of "Pepsi Perfect".
Rochester Wins
How do you get a few thousand folks to come out on a bitterly cold day in Rochester in the middle of winter? Lots of free Pepsi and a Nico & Vinz concert.
New Pepsi Special Blocks Fat
If you love soda, and want to lose weight, it's a tough road to be on. Diet soda never seems to taste like regular soda and your options are very small. Well if you plan on heading to Japan any time soon Pepsi might have a soda for you. Introducing Pepsi Special.

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