How CNY Can Help Orlando
Omar Saddiqi Mateen has killed 50 people and injured at least 50 more in a nightclub in Orlando, Florida. Families, friends, and communities are grieving all over the world. Here's how you can help in Central New York.
Hospitalized Over Duck Attack
Just when you thought sharks were the only thing you had to worry about in the water, now we have to keep an eye on the ducks. 91-year-old Wilmer Neuman learned this the hard way when he was attacked by a Muscovy duck at a local park in Fort Walton Beach Florida last week.
Food Prices Soar
Food prices in America rose 3.9% in February, the largest monthly gain in 36 years, The Labor Department reported yesterday. It marked the largest increase since a 4.2% climb in November 1974. Most of the increase was due to a huge spike in vegetable prices because of freezing weather in Florida, California, Texas and Mexico...