Dance the Night Away
Relive those high school days during this adults-only Valentine's Day dance, that will help animals in one of our local humane societies.
This Dancer’s Butt Has To Be Seen To Be Believed [VIDEO]
About a week ago, folks started to notice that the lady dancer in this four month old video of a random dance performance in Brazil has probably THE FINEST BOTTOM IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD, causing the clip to go viral. As you will see, not only does the woman in question have a perfectly shaped backside, but she knows how to move it ways that make us want to take a dance class, or at the very l
10 Must-Watch Dancing Disasters [VIDEOS]
Dancing on camera can be a dangerous proposition for any woman. Even if she a trained professional, things can always go wrong. None of these women are trained professionals so the chance of things going wrong is doubled.

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