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‘Conan’ Is Becoming a Half-Hour Show in 2019
Big changes are coming to TBS’ Conan. One year after rumors the series would shrink to a weekly format, TBS and Conan O’Brien now confirm the series will instead air four nights a week as a half-hour series, while expanding Team Coco’s focus on digital and live content.
‘Bad Boys 3′ Confirmed by Martin Lawrence on ‘Conan’
Rumors of 'Bad Boys 3' have swirled for years -- the last we heard, it was looking for a writer, though there was no word if stars Martin Lawrence and Will Smith, and director Michael Bay would come back for another outing -- but it finally looks like things might be moving in the right di…
Harrison Ford Takes A Bribe
Harrison Ford's sarcastic wit hasn't changed a bit since 1977 when he shot the first Star Wars movie and I just love watching his comedic approach to his involvement in the 7th one. Watch how he 'handles' Conan... Can't WAIT for the new movie, just to see him!
In The Shower With Chelsea Handler
Awhile back we brought you a comedy skit where Sandra Bullock confronted Chelsea Handler (both women completely naked) in the shower. Chelsea just can't get clean without being interrupted because Conan decided to crash her rub-a-dub time too and the NSFW bit is really funny, but not as funny a…

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