When the class of 2023 shows up next year, Syracuse University will be close to joining an Ivy league school in cost.  Experts say they'll start their college careers at one of the most expensive schools in the United States.

The university, in total, is expected to increase the cost of attendance by 7.9 percent including a tuition premium that will be tacked onto SU's undergraduate costs next year.

A report published earlier the month by the SU Senate's Committee on Budget and Fiscal Affairs stated that next years undergraduate costs will be just below the projected median costs of attendance at a group of 26 peer institutions. Some SU peers include Cornell University, the University of Rochester, Boston College and Boston University, among others. Most of the university's peers are on the East Coast.

Most students will pay the net price, which is the total cost of attendance subtracted by the number of scholarships and financial aid. the average net price of tuition at SU is $28,000 according to the university.

SU set a record last fall for the highest number of applications in its history. As of January 29th, the university announced that it had received more than 34,000 first-year undergraduate applications. The cost of college continues to rise and in some cases it is out of reach for upper-middle-class families who don't qualify for federal financial aid but can't afford the increasingly expensive university.

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