Protests in Syracuse continue after the death of George Floyd.

The protests turned violent Saturday night and Syracuse Police turned to Facebook to urge people away from the downtown area, writing that "disorderly protests [had] interrupted a peaceful assembly."

Hundreds of protesters took to the streets for a third day on Monday, chanting, holding signs and marching for over seven hours. reports that a group of protesters were in front of the Public Safety Building on South State Street when protesters broke out in dance.

19-year-old Jaedan Hines, who sports his red mohawk in's video, was a part of the marches and Monday night's dance party.

“I just wanted to have fun and get as many people involved, so we can show others we’re not just a militant band of people marching,” Hines told “The whole point of us marching is for people to hear us and to make our voices heard. We were marching all day. We had fun along the way, but from the outside, it looks militant. It shows we’re unified and solid, but it has a drawback where people have to have their guard up. The dance party was to get people to loosen up.”

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Much like the march in Utica Sunday afternoon, Monday's protests in Syracuse remained peaceful. Tayonda Estrada told that she marched for her almost 1-year-old son, whom she brought with her.

“Tonight was very peaceful. If every night goes like this, I will participate," Estrada told "I believe black lives matter, and it’s not a white and black thing; we all need to come together in unity.”

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