They've undergone several ownership and name changes over the years but following the 2018 season, the Chiefs will become the Syracuse Metson account of being bought by the MLB team back in October.

I saw my first Chiefs game back in 1991 when the team still fed the Blue Jays and remember names such as Carlos Delgado, Derek Bell, Stu Pederson, Ed Sprague, Eddie Zosky, Tom Quinlan, Randy Knorr (who later managed the Chiefs) and Domingo Cedono.

The news that they're now going to be a Mets affiliate has me excited as for the first time since 1977, they'll be feeding a New York state major league team! Get your Chiefs merch now and try to catch a game, because come the 2019 season the only place to find it will be in your closet or Ebay!


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