The news out of North Carolina is not good for the upcoming DC Universe series based on the classic Swamp Thing comics. reports that shooting on the Swamp Thing show will end “earlier than expected” in the Wilmington area:

Cast and crew members got word of the changes during filming on Tuesday night. The reaction on the set was one of shock, said sources who did not want to be named. The show was scheduled to premiere on a new DC Universe streaming service at the end of May. Leaders in the film industry expected it to shoot several seasons in Wilmington.

While there could be other reasons for shutting the show down early, this would typically not be a great sign for any series — much less one on a fledging streaming service like DC Universe. While reviews of DC Universe and in its initial offerings since its launch in the fall of 2018 have been positive — particularly for its live-action Doom Patrol series — none of the service’s programming has broken through to anything beyond a very niche audience to date. And the streaming service landscape is about to get much more competitive with the addition of Disney+, which will offer dozens (if not hundreds) of hours of Marvel Comics film and television content at launch in November, alongside all its other movies and shows.

We’ll see how DC Universe responds to this new marketplace soon. In the meantime,  the Swamp Thing series is scheduled to premiere in May.

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