They hunt alligators in the Louisana bayou for a living and yet it was a car accident that nearly killed ‘Swamp People‘ stars, Tommy Chauvin (“Trigger Tommy”) and his step-dad, Joe LaFont (“Trapper Joe”). The two men were involved in a massive five-car pile-up near the Arkansas-Louisana border yesterday, though both walked away unharmed and ready to hunt more gators.

The accident was caused by a large tractor-trailer, which smashed into four cars waiting in line during a traffic stop at a construction site. According to TMZ, while Chauvin and LaFont are fine, a large collection of merchandise for their History Channel show spilled onto the road.

Thankfully, no one was killed in the accident, though Arkansas State Police is reporting that three people were seriously injured.

Photos of the wreckage are available on the Texarkana Gazette web site.