Did you know fall and winter months is the best time to see amazing sunrises and sunsets? Have you noticed how brilliant they are this year?

Eye-catching sunrises and sunsets favor this time of year in our area. Fall and winter produce spectacular low-sun hues. Clean-air is the main ingredient to brightly colored skies. In the morning and evening hours, the sunlight has to take a longer path through the atmosphere because of the low angle of the sun. When sunlight has to pass through more air, we no longer see blue skies, we see hues of red, orange, pink, yellow and purple. Clouds play an important part as well, they help scatter and reflect light.

So it's not your imagination that the sunrises and sunsets are more brilliant this time of year.

Here are some gorgeous pictures from my friend Susan Campbell who has been 'working' on her photography... LOL. I think she is on to something here. These beautiful photos are from Sylvan Beach, Barge Canal and Delta Lake. [H/T NOAA]

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