Sixth grade teacher Adrienne Friedrichs says an 11-year-old student stole her car and destroyed it. It's now full of scratches, dents, gum on the seat, and even cigarette butts on the floor.

According to WCNC, the child walked out into the school parking lot with the teachers keys and used the unlocking sound to find her car. Once the student found it, they took it for a little ride.

"It's devastated our family. The kids are scared for me to go back to work. My son can't play ball tomorrow, he just got over open heart surgery from last year, so this is a big deal," said the single mother Friedrichs. She added over $1,200 worth of equipment was stolen from the backseat."

A GoFundMe has been set up for the teacher to try and get a new car. He son is unable to ride in the car due to the smoke. Thr 11 year old has been charged with possession of a stolen vehicle.