In Lubbock, Texas, 26-year-old Melissa Borrett charges $100 bucks per hour to clean customer's homes. Why so expensive? Because she and her maids clean in sexy lingerie -- or topless or nude if you prefer!

Her "Fantasy Maid Service" began in February and she already has three other women working for her. But while business is booming, the Lubbock Police Department is none too pleased. Sgt Jonathan Stewart says the "sexually oriented business" doesn't have a permit to operate and could be fined up to $1,500. He added, "Just the fact employees are topless or semi nude in this case - it's just not allowed." But Ms. Borrett insists she runs a respectable business and that company policy prohibits employees and customers from engaging in any physical contact and she's ready to take legal action if the city attempts to shut her down.

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