What are your plans for New Year's eve? Many people in New York are getting ready to head for New York City to watch the ball drop and the new year begin. While we get ready to leave 2022 behind, it sure would be nice to have some extra cash to tackle the inflation that we have all had to deal with this year.

The decorations are hung up and the Elf on the Shelf has returned. Christmas is now less than two weeks away and perhaps there is one gift that you may have overlooked for that coworker on your Secret Santa list? Lottery tickets are great gifts and this week is could mean a huge stimulus for someone.

The Powerball and Meg Millions are reaching crazy jackpot amounts now. Tuesday's Mega Millions draw is $400 million with a cash option of $216.2 million. The Powerball Monday night is an estimated $124 million!

Yes, lottery tickets are a good idea for the adults on your list this year. However, it was just a few weeks ago that New York officials warned that they are not good gifts for kids. The worry and fear is that it will encourage gambling at too young of an age. The legal age to play the lottery is 18 years old.

This past weekend, the 50/50 payout at the Buffalo Bills-NY Jets game was over $90,000! The balance of which goes to the Buffalo Bills Foundation.

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