The Welsh Witch herself, the one and only Miss Stevie Nicks, will soon be making a guest appearance on the NBC sitcom ‘Up All Night.’ Nicks will play herself in an upcoming episode of the series, which stars Christina Applegate and Maya Rudolph.

The premise of the Fleetwood Mac and solo star’s guest shot is that Ava (Rudoph’s character) hosts a talk show and she and Reagan (Applegate) try to get the singing legend to make an appearance on the program.

Rockers and sitcoms go waaay back! From Boyce & Hart on ‘I Dream Of Jeannie’  to The Seeds on ‘The Mothers In Law’ all the way up through Elvis Costello on ‘Frasier.’ Hell, even Motorhead appeared on ‘The Young Ones!’ Anyone remember The Dickies on ‘CPO Sharkey??’ This could be a list all it’s own!

Ever the busy lady, Stevie also recently announced a summer tour with Rod Stewart. The episode with Nicks will air later this season. ‘Up All Night’ airs Thursday nights on NBC.