Each one of the 50 United States has experienced events that impacted the country as a whole. But considering New York was one of the original 13 colonies, you wouldn't be wrong in thinking our fingerprints are on there a little bit more than others. There are hundreds of events that happened in New York that helped mold the United States into what it is today.

Given the sheer magnitude of New York's rich history, how can you really narrow down "The Most Important Event"? Supposedly the website 24/7 Wall St did. The website is known for arriving at such conclusions based on statistical data, and they recently did this for all 50 states. Specifically, this is how they did it:

24/7 Tempo reviewed state historical information, research sources, and media reports of significant events throughout U.S. history to determine the most important event in the history of each state.

Some states impacted the country through groundbreaking legislation, others for scientific or socio-economic advancements, and sadly, some have left their mark through tragedies, whether manmade or natural.


As already stated, New York is so rich with history, it's hard to pinpoint an event as "the most important." Here are just a handful:

• The New York Stock Exchange is formed (1792)

• Construction of the Erie Canal (began in 1817)

• Headquarters of the United Nations (1951)

• Woodstock Music and Arts Festival (1969)

• Stonewall Riots over gay rights (1969)

Unfortunately, however, the most important event in New York was a tragedy.


The attack on the Twin Towers not only gripped the nation, but the globe. People were glued to the news, wondering how and why, and worrying another attack was around the corner. It led to U.S. involvement in Afghanistan, and later Iraq. The events of 9/11 reverberated worldwide and its aftermath is still being felt today.

It's hard to argue why this event was chosen as the most important in nearly 400 years of New York state history.

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