You think you liked the ‘Star Wars: Episode 7’ trailer? That’s nothing. One ‘Star Wars’ fan liked what he saw from that 88-second glimpse of ‘The Force Awakens’ so much, we spent his Thanksgiving weekend getting it tattooed on his body. Now that’s dedication.

Meet Jordan Breckon. He’s a 22-year-old college student from Arizona. He also is now the owner of what may be the world’s first ‘Star Wars: Episode 7’ tattoo. Over the weekend, he got so jacked up for the new ‘Star Wars’ film, he went out and got one of the characters—one of the characters he doesn’t even know the name of yet, by the way—tattooed on his leg. No, seriously.

The original for comparison:

Star Wars Episode 7 trailer

Breckon told Buzzfeed about the tattoo and it’s subsequent reaction:

The reaction to this tattoo has been pretty awesome! Lots and lots of love from…Star Wars fans, many other Instagram users have reposted and [I] have even gotten a like from the Official Star Wars account. My artist Tyler Nealeigh and I have both been pleasantly surprised at the reaction [to] my tattoo.

Of course some people will hate and believe what I did is stupid, but that I already knew would happen as you cannot please everyone! In all I love this tattoo and all the love that it’s [received]. It is a great time to be a Star Wars fan!

It’s funny that he even admits that “of course” people will think it’s stupid.

As we noted when the trailer debuted on Friday, there will be lots of toys of this little ball droid, so while it may seem weird now, in 15 years, this character may be as popular as R2-D2 and won’t seem weird at all. Or, this guy could be the new Jar-Jar, in which case, poor Jordan Breckon is in for a world of hurt.

‘Star Wars: Episode 7’ opens in theaters on December 18, 2015.

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