Star Trek: Discovery may not return until 2019, but Season 2 is already boldly going. Get a look at the new (old) Enterprise with a first production teaser that puts a Discovery spin on those classic yellow, red and blues.

The CBS All-Access drama released a new teaser for the start of Season 2 production, including both fresh looks at the cast and hints of the updated Enterprise. In addition to voiceover from the original Star Trek pilot featuring Jeffrey Hunter’s Christopher Pike and Leonard Nimoy’s Spock, the new behind-the-scenes footage shows us several design updates that help ‘60s TV budgets look a little more in line with all the Discovery revamps. First up, there’s someone working on the classic command gold (we’ll come back to that):

Followed by what appears to be display screens somewhere on the ship, if not the bridge:

Various design choices reminiscent of Uhura’s mini-dress:

And a closer look at one in real-life (note the shoulder ridges in line with the Discovery uniforms):

Here’s somewhere in the Enterprise interior (observe the “1701” on the left). Michael Burnham going to see her adoptive brother Spock, perhaps? Or just Pike’s ready room?

Presumably, this is meant to be Anson Mount’s Captain Christopher Pike, but … might that be a certain fan-favorite Vulcan on the right? We know Spock will appear in flashback, but present-day remains an open question:

Oh, and Mary Chieffo’s Klingon fan-fave L’Rell is back. She has a garden now. Neat!

Elsewhere of Star Trek: Discovery Season 2, we know comedian Tig Notaro will play Chief Engineer Denise Reno of the U.S.S. Hiawatha. Deleted footage from the first season finale also suggested Section 31 will play a major role, including Michelle Yeoh’s return as the mirror universe incarnation of Philippa Georgiou.

It could be some time before we see first footage, but what do we make of Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 thus far?

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