If you're looking for a romantic getaway with your significant other, stop searching right now because we have the perfect place. You can spend the night in a castle overlooking Lake George, and as if that isn't enough information to have you booking immediately, just wait until you see the pictures.

The grounds are safeguarded by a Gothic iron gate and feature private lake-view terraces and stunning architecture from the inside out.

Highlands Castle

The whole idea for the castles sparked from owner John's promise to his son, Jason, when he was just 3 years old, according to the Highlands Castle website.

Someday I’ll build a house where we both will live… a place we’ll call home. A place where you can bring your friends and create special memories… someday Jason I will build you a castle.

John bought the property for the home in 1982 and soon enough, he did good on his promise. With Jason's help, they built the castle on a mountaintop in Bolton Landing, New York. Since then, John married his wife, Yvonne, on the grounds, and both his sister and Jason had their weddings at Highlands Castle.

Courtesy of John - Highlands Castle
Courtesy of John - Highlands Castle

John said he's always surprised when guests thank him for letting them stay in what he proudly calls "the most spectacular view in the world," even after spending nearly a month in Europe scoping out beautiful vistas.

"Thank you 100 times more," John said he always wants to tell his guests. "It gives me a purpose knowing I can share my property with other people."

Over the past ten years, people from all over the world have now traveled to John's castles. He's hosted guests from Dubai, Ukraine, Russia, and India, to name just a few countries.

The three suites at Highlands Castle can accommodate various numbers of people. The largest stay accommodates up to eight people and starts at $1995 for two guests. If you're looking for something a little smaller but just as grand, the Castle Gatehouse and the Castle Cottage are also on-site, accommodating up to six people and starting at $695 for four guests.

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Find more information about availability and pricing, or just flip through all of the pictures of these beautiful castles at the Highlands Castle website.

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