No matter how you farm, new technology can always be a benefit. Whether it is a machine to help you farm more efficiently, or a new idea that helps to improve your produce yield, finding ways to farm better is always a positive.

What exactly does Space X have to do with agriculture? No, there are not attempts being made to move a milking parlor to the moon of new crops to mars. The latest rocket launch could help farmers in the Empire State in other ways.

According to at least one report:

"This launch brings new game-changing possibilities of satellite technologies to the agricultural industry," EOSDA CEO Artiom Anisimov said. "EOSDA will now work with proprietary datasets to provide even deeper and more accurate insights for its customers and partners."

As there is constant pressure to reduce the impact of farming on the earth and environment, and as New York State tries to become more "green", the latest studies and results from the Space X satellite launch will help to reduce emissions and make farming more efficient with less environmental impact.

Examining the crop's health in this way is expected to allow farmers to better customize their care for the crops, to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, energy consumption and water usage, among other benefits.

Farms are the backbone of the United States and certainly vital to feeding New York State. Protecting them and supporting them is essential. As the new year begins, perhaps it can be a resolution to find ways to purchase from local farms or support them in other ways such as helping out local 4H and FFA organizations. The future of the farms in New York State depend on it.

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