In a world where new technologies become old news faster than Taylor Swift's boyfriends, a HUGE surprise was unveiled yesterday by music juggernaut, Sony. The mixtapes of the 80's and 90's just got a HUGE upgrade as the company announced that they've made a cassette that can hold 185 terabytes of data (that's 3,700 Blu-Rays just to put that in perspective!)

At 74 times the amount of data of a regular cassette, how long would it take you to listen to the 64,750,000 songs it could hold? Try 369 years straight or over 4 lifetimes of listening NONSTOP! Yup, not happening. Obviously, before you unearth that old walkman or boombox, keep in mind that this is a STORAGE tape and not a musical one. It's designed for industrial sized storage, so much so that the entire Library of Congress catalog can be stored on there 18 times... Who knew after all of these years that magnetic tape could still be king of the memory storage hill?




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