Snowboarding in the sand. Nothing I have ever considered doing. These kids have to much time on their hands.

Jamie McDonald/GettyImages
Jamie McDonald/GettyImages

We know whats it's like going to the beach for the day or even vacation with all that sand. It gets in everything! I don't think I could stand this. Don't get me wrong I love sand between my toes but that's about it.

It sure looks like they are having fun! They do get snow in New Zealand. They have a snow season in the North from June-November. (Come on have you seen Lord Of The Rings?) That is where they have skiing and snowboarding. I would think that would be easier on your body than this. At least in the snow your body is covered in snow gear.

It seams like you would have something like road rash falling in this. What about when your bleeding and all the sand gets into your cut. I can hear my kids now telling me I'm old and such a mom to worry about things like that, but this is not for me. I would be a spectator in this particular sport. Actually I would watch from the bottom and enjoy the beach. This time of year it sounds awesome!

Must be that Facebook envy is getting to me. A lot of my friends are on vacation this week chasing the nice weather and looks like they found it. Good for them. I hope they can bottle it and bring some back to me.


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