In a world where all kinds of learning can easily happen remotely away from classrooms, it's only a matter of time before the beloved CNY snow day becomes a thing of the past.

Our little patch of state is known for it's plentiful snowfall induced cancellations, so when I started homeschooling in Jr High, that was the first question out of my mouth: will I still get snow days? And I instinctively knew the answer: what's the point? Mind you, that was BEFORE online learning (or the internet at all for that matter) was even a thing.

Google Supports Mini Computers For Berlin Schools
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Be that as it may, in a bold unprecedented move, one school district in South Carolina has vowed to stay open on snow days by assigning homework online for snow days. Kinda makes you wonder why it is taking so long for brick and mortar schools to catch up to the idea actually, and where that will lead in the long run.

Toy stores, libraries, record stores, video rental stores, book stores, so many buildings are either already obsolete or soon becoming so. In light of that and because just about any piece of information and product that you could ever want is available online, it seems plausible that school buildings themselves could also someday become a thing of the past.

Either way, don't forget to check back here for all school closings and delays when that season finally arrives again!

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