Yeah it is a little strange that a newly minted Oscar winner like Matthew McConaughey would be caught dead making television commercials for Lincoln cars. However, it did lead to a series of fake 'SNL' commercials featuring guest host Jim Carrey playing the 'Dallas Buyers Club' and 'True Detective' star, so who are we to complain?

Like the commercials they're parodying, this trilogy of fake ads feature McConaughey (a pitch perfect Carrey) driving around a very empty city in the middle of the night in his shiny Lincoln automobile. But since this is 'SNL,' things are a little skewed. In the first ad, the big joke is Carrey's impression, which is perfect all the way down to his bizarre hand movements and vacant gaze. In the second, things get weirder as Carrey begins to rhapsodize about the meaninglessness of life while two mystery kids sit in the back seat. The final ad is the silliest (and it works because of the build-up of the other two) and features Carrey's McConaughey committing vehicular homicide against another well-known TV commercial personality.

Like so many of their fake ads recently, the 'SNL' team hit this one out of the park, but it wouldn't have worked without Carrey, whose skeletal frame and perfect impersonation make a fake McConaughey for the ages.

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