There are some places where you would think that smoking is not allowed under any circumstances, yet people still seem to try anyway. 

You can’t even smoke in a bar anymore in New York State, and you haven’t been able to since before 2003. In July of that year, New York’s Clean Indoor Air Act amended Article 13-E of New York Public Health Law, banning smoking in all indoor areas across the state. 

Yet some people think it’s ok to light a cigarette in a gym?? A place where people go to work on their health and wellness?

Even smokers will tell you that cigarettes are unhealthy and harm them as they smoke, but one person still lit one and started smoking it at a Planet Fitness in Lockport.

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It sounds like it’s not the only time this has happened, either.



After a quick look at the Planet Fitness website, you can guess why the staff at the Lockport location may be allowing people to smoke during their workout.


I think everyone who has ever been to a gym can agree that a «Judgement Free Zone » is appreciated, but is it really?

Because it seems like Planet Fitness is really concerned (and one could arguing — judging) women who prefer to work out in just a sports bra — something that affects NOBODY, yet they let people walk in and just smoke while on the elliptical? Affecting the lungs of those nearby who may be trying to use the treadmill next to that elliptical machine? 

I’m not sure if this will sound polite, but I think that’s garbage. 

Daily Mail published a story that went viral in January 2022 about Planet Fitness’ updated policy when it comes to wearing a sports bra while working out. 

While this incident did not happen at that same Planet Fitness in Lockport, this location did inform the woman that the rule banning sports bras is a Planet Fitness rule, and it is especially enforced at the gym where the incident occurred. You can see the outfit that caused such an uproar here.

Look, I think it’s great for Planet Fitness to pride itself on being a Judgment Free Zone, but if that’s the case, why are you so worried about seeing a woman’s stomach, yet seemingly not concerned about someone smoking a cigarette in your establishment?

Granted, I didn’t see the person smoking a cigarette with my own eyes, but if this Facebook posting is true (based on the comments that agreeably chimed in, it sounds like it is), don’t you think it is an inappropriate place to smoke? 

I get that it’s supposedly a “Judgment Free Zone,” but clearly it’s not if there’s a ban on sports bras. Let people work out the way it makes them comfortable and look out for those who are trying to prioritize their health.

Think about it – would you smoke in a hospital? No, because there are patients trying to get healthy again. 

Shouldn’t the same thing apply in gyms?

And don’t tell me my perspective is unwelcomed in this Judgment Free Zone when the ban on sports bras shows that the policy is only selectively enforced.

UPDATE - MARCH 29, 2022 @ 7:29 AM: Since publication, Planet Fitness Director of Public Relations Becky Zirlen said that sports bras are not exactly banned by Planet Fitness gyms across the country, and she referred to this statement: “At Planet Fitness we are committed to providing a welcoming environment for everyone. The member was approached by our staff in error as her attire does not violate our dress code policy. Club management will be reaching out to personally apologize for the misunderstanding, and they are also taking steps to further educate team members on our dress code policy.”

However, there was no response from Planet Fitness in regards to whether or not membership-holders can smoke inside the gymnasium. The article will be updated again if we receive a statement on the matter.

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