It’s no secret that Americans love to eat. We invented the “super-sized” meal, the “Fourthmeal” and even the “food within a food on a stick.”

This love of freedom to eat has come with a great price. The latest Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index shows that the fattest city in America, McAllen-Edinburg-Mission, Texas, spends up to $400 million a year in unnecessary health care costs.

The first step to any health problem is admitting you have one so keep an eye out, America, for any of these telltale symptoms that your hometown may be fighting a losing battle with its waistline:

1. Your mayor won the election by eating the other candidate.

2. The town’s official bird is the Turducken.

3. The local McDonald’s sign reads, “Over 1 billion served yesterday.”

4. The sewer system hasn’t been repaired in years because no one could fit through the manhole.

5. Your welcome sign proudly exclaims, “Birthplace of the ‘Yo Momma’ joke.”

6. The town doctor grades everyone’s cholesterol level on a curve.

7. Your high school PE class consisted of running and getting the coach a beer.

8. Your town is 100 feet below sea level and it’s located in Colorado.

9. The grocery store stocks Baconnaise in the beverage aisle.

10. Morning traffic jams involve actual jam.

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