See inside the legendary cursed Dundas Castle in the Catskill Mountains.

Bradford Lee Gilbert, an architect born in Watertown, New York, bought the property in the late 1880s to build a summer home with his wife called Craig E Clair, meaning Beautiful Mountainside. Legend says she chose the name because the Catskill Mountains reminded her of her homeland.

Photo Credit - Denae Robin
Photo Credit - Denae Robin

Dundas Castle

In the early 1900s, Ralph Wurts-Dundas bought the property, with plans to convert the lodge into a castle, modeled after Dundas castle in Scotland, for his family. He died in 1921 before it was finished.

A year later his wife Josephine Wurts-Dundas was committed to a sanitarium, according to Atlas Obscura. Their only daughter, Muriel Harmer Wurts-Dundas was also committed years later. No Dundas even lived in the castle.

Photo Credit - Denae Robin
Photo Credit - Denae Robin

Summer Camp

The Masons bought the property in the late 1940s with plans to create a summer camp for kids, then a home for the elderly and the poor.

There are several legends surrounding the castle, that many say are cursed. The three heart-shaped ponds are said to fill up with blood on a full moon, and rumors are a ghost roams the halls, according to

In the 1930s, a seductive woman with the long blond hair who regularly lured unsuspecting fishermen to an afternoon's adventure. Rumor had it the sole occupant was a beautiful but demented young girl, who used to let down her golden hair from an upstairs window and lure unwary anglers into her granite castle, for what probably amounted to nothing worse than an afternoon's pleasant seduction.

Dundas Castle is located on Beaverkill Valley Road in Roscoe, New York, 70 miles east of Binghamton, and was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2001.

In 2018 the property was purchased and is now privately owned. The castle is boarded up and there are cameras around the entire property.

Dan Laroe of Northeaster Abandoned Exploration toured the castle in 2015, capturing photos inside and outside of the beautiful castle, that from the outside looks magical. The inside is a completely different story.

See more pictures on the Northeastern Abandoned Exploration Facebook page.

Exploring Dundas Castle without permission is considered trespassing. Please avoid touring the area.

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