There is no doubt that Utica is a city that is super rich in history. But do you know Utica well enough to get these 10 questions correct?

Take into account, the trivia questions below were written back in the 1920s. They come from a book titled "What Do You Know About Utica?". The book was written by the Utica Gas and Electric Company on May 31st, 1927 to be exact. This book actually features hundreds upon hundreds of cool trivia questions all talking about Utica.

Many of these question's don't hold much weight anymore with references. Questions like, what used to be in such and such store. Being that the store they mention isn't in business come 2021, it is a difficult question to answer. Unless you're in your 80s or 90s they might not be common knowledge for you.

We do have quite the resident history buff here in the building though and he himself struggled on a few of the questions. This is a man who knows anything and everything about Utica too. So let's see if you can nail down these 10 answers.

Here is a random chapter, and the first 10 questions from it. Inside the book, they are labeled as quizzes. The questions you're about to read come from quiz number eight.

10 Utica Trivia Questions From 1927

Keep scrolling for the answers, they are listed after the 10th question.

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